Arizona : The Severe Penalties For Dui Turned Felony Offense

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Arizona is one State with strictest laws covering DUI offenders. In this state, a DUI offense can easily turn from misdemeanor to felony. The level of DUI case is not always dependent on level of blood alcohol content (BAC). There could be other aggravating factors.

Here are some of the aggravating factors.

*In Arizona, a BAC reading of 0.15 can already turn your DUI misdemeanor case into Felony Class 3.

*Third DUI offense in a span of seven-year period.

*Presence of a child under 15 years of age inside the vehicle when arrested.

Felony is indeed a great offense that is coupled with severe penalties. The consequences of conviction with any felony case can provide stigma on the convicted fellow. This can affect his educational and job opportunities. If you live in Arizona, you drive and you drink, you better watch out and refrain from driving when you have tasted alcohol - even just minimal. Be on the safe side for your BAC might be over the limit.

Penalties of Dui cases whether aggravated or turned felony can be one or any of the following:

*Felony or aggravated felony will cause a person to face mandatory imprisonment.

*This case will entail higher fines. Fees to be paid to the court are also higher than any ordinary DUI misdemeanor case.

*The offender cannot drive for at least three years because his driving license is suspended.

*The DUI convict will undergo the Arizona mandatory counseling, treatment and therapy.

*After release from jail, the perpetuator will be on probation and his activities will be monitored.

This last aggravating factor, presence of a minor in the vehicle upon arrest, should be given emphasis. The minor refers to a child below 15 years old. This is an automatic felony case, regardless of whether or not you have previous DUI offense. This can be your first offense yet you will be facing the severest of penalties. The further severity of the penalty will be handed down to you once the prosecutor charges you with child abuse or child endangerment. In this circumstance, it would be very beneficial for you to hire experienced Arizona DUI lawyer.

Your simple DUI offense can give you disgrace because suddenly you become a criminal. This is the importance of having an experienced Arizona lawyer as counsel. Although the DUI offense cannot be dismissed, your lawyer can work for lesser penalties. Should you be a non-resident of Arizona, it is still advisable for you to hire an attorney that practices DUI cases in this state. Arizona has more strict and different laws when it comes to this type of offense.
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Arizona : The Severe Penalties For Dui Turned Felony Offense

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This article was published on 2010/10/27